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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

from the past to the present and back

I know it does not sound very interesting when i say that I love her. And it still is not interesting when i say that she loves me too. but then again, if you people knew me, as in really knew me, then you would sit back and take notice now. as in right now. because i happen to be a ghost. yes a ghost. not the fanged, horrible, blood thirsty gruesome creatures that you humans picture us, but yet a ghost...

i saw her in her backyard. reading under the mango tree. you wouldnt call her pretty. but you would certainly call her beautiful. decribing her would be futile. as i am not very good with words. but the thing is, i fell in love with her as i sat looking at her. we ghosts as you humans think, cannot become nvisible. but we can do a lot of other things. we are shape lifters. i can be a tree, a butterfly, an earthworm, a bird a snake...anything natural, anything with life...except ofcourse the human form. but we cannot forever dwell in they say, we need to move on...

i do not have a past. no ghosts have. as soon as we are dead, our memories are wiped clean...we have no recollection of what we were, or where we were from...we are souls...with no memories. we roam around everywhere. in fact there are mosre ghosts than there are live people. but of course you will not know that. because you i presume is right now a walking talking breathing living human. but if you were slightly careful when you walked down close-to-empty streets, or sat under a tree, you would save us a lot of trouble. i for instance have been walked right into countless times. not that it matters much to us, but you admit that it is a bit odd when you find people walking right through you. sometimes, the more sensitive human-i must admit these are very few, do sense something when this happens. i've heard that walking into a ghost gives you a tickle in your neck. i dont know how this works, but that is how it works. but of course you humans would surely dismiss this. and consider this piece of trivia utter trash. sigh!

anyway, so i was on one of my shape lifting, shape hoppin moods one day. i became a grasshopper first. i thought it would be nice to go hop hop hop. but it was very tiring. i dont know if all grasshoppers are like that, but the one i happend to pick was unbelievably frisky. so i left it and became a blade of grass. i like green colour, in case you are wondering baout my choice. but being a grass is faced with a lot of risks. there are all kinds of bugs and insects around and they start eating you. again, it does not matter to me, as i cant die again you see, but you always tend to gasp in horror when an insect starts nibbling you.

so i decided. no more playing with risks. i'l be a flower. i wanted to be a diffrent flower. the kind no one notices and no one plucks. so i became this small yellow flower. mukkootti its called-but this i came to know later. so in anycase, mukkootti i became. but it was not long before i found myself being plucked. i groaned in dismay. so much for my big plans.

but the fingers that plucked me were gentle. i looked into the face that had spolied my plans. i couldn see the face properly, because she was carelessly twirling me in her fingers and looking the other way. but then she turned and looked straight at me and i swooned. she was so breathtakingly beautiful and i fell in love with her immediately.

it is not unheard of ghosts to fall in love. but i admit it is very rare. ghosts have no present past or future, we dwell in someone's past, someone's present and are sometimes someone's future. we never make choices. those are already made. by the seasons that change, winds that blow and rains that fall. we thus move on suddenly, without even us knowing and end up in a place, very different from the one we were used to. this constant change and our almost complete disdain for the human race stand in our way of falling in love with humans. but then you might have heard the term marriages made in heaven..well they did not come into being suddenly. some ghosts fall in love with fellow ghosts and become one-as in they become just start moving on together, forever.

and so i might be the first ghost in history to fall in love with a human. and to be loved back too. for i knew the girl loved mukkooti flowers and i loved her isn this a perfect love story?