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Thursday, June 25, 2009

to a dead blog

its been two months that i've even set foot on this sphere which used to mean so much to me. For about the 3rd time I've started this blog, my impulse to write has waned somewhat. But contrary to the 'lost' feeling that used to attach itself to me once I stopped writing earlier, this time around, I don't even miss it. I am bored reading what I write. I need to write new. And maybe I need to renew myself. Sigh. Seems too much of an effort.



The Ugly One said...

know what! i haven't written my 100th post waiting to know myself to write about me. if you can write 100 things about you, then you can write a million things about the world around you :-)

Zeinab said...

Well, this was bound to happen. You got to have an amazing sense of 'you' (I mean, you have to be really self-centred, thinking only about you...we're all self-centred that's why we write, in the first place) to continue in this vein for so long, It was just amazing the way you continued. The style loses its attractions soon enough, much as I have written elsewhere. All writers make that mistake. And if they really, really make out what it is that counts in writing, they come back for good.

I'm supposing that you would make that discovery, and that you would have the time to write. When you write again, make it count. Don't write just for forms' sake...write those things which you can read later without feeling badly.

Heartfelt good wishes for a good life.

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