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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


SO am entering the tagged world too...

for people new to goes...

1. Post these rules

2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts
4. At the end of the post 8 more persons are tagged and named
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

here comes the facts..
1.i've never had a day in my life which i wished i never had. coz though some were hard on me, later reflections made me see how they were instrumental in many of my todays and perhaps tomorrows.

2. i love singing and listening to music...the first...ahem i being a bit too inconsiderate? but am not sorry...coz i really do love singing

3.i've always wanted to join the army. but never applied. i've huge crushes on ppl in uniform

4.i cant stop wondering about one of the most poignant mysteries of all time...why doesn donald duck wear pants? a complete chocolate addict. dark chocs esp acutely sentimental and not proud of it...but i guess i cant help it in love with my life

8.i can sleep throuh out the day, the night, evening and afternoon, sitting, standing and reposing.

and i tag:harishettan






Mood:I-Really-dont-know-anything-mood(p.s. am doing my assignments)
Listening :to the stupid dot matrix printer in our lab creaking away to glory
Reading: Blake: the life and works
Eating: nothing
Drinking: in the smells in the room(they have a good room freshner here)

so harishetta and suji thanks a lot for tagging me....

signing off for now

randomly rambled rambler

Friday, August 17, 2007

"Mein Aur Meri Tanhai, Aksar Ye Baaten Karte Hain
Tum Hotin To Kaisa Hota, Tum Ye Kehtin, Tum Vo Kehtin
Tum Is Baat Pe Hairan Hotin, Tum Us Baat Pe Kitni Hanstin
Tum Hotin To Aisa Hota, Tum Hotin To Vaisa Hota
Mein Aur Meri Tanhai, Aksar Ye Baaten Karte Hain

Ye Raat Hai, Ya Tumhari Zulfen Khuli Hui Hain
Hai Chandni Ya Tumhari Nazron Se, Meri Raaten Dhuli Hui Hain
Ye Chand Hai, Ya Tumhara Kangan, Sitaare Hain Ya Tumhara Aanchal
Hava Ka Jhonka Hai, Ya Tumhare Badan Ki Khushboo
Ye Pattiyon Ki Hai Sarsarahat, Ke Tumne Chupke Se Kuch Kaha Hai
Ye Sochta Hoon Maein Kabse Gumsum
Ki Jabki Mujhko Bhi Ye Khabar Hai, Ki Tum Nahin Ho, Kahin Nahin Ho
Magar Ye Dil Hai Ki Keh Raha Hai, Tum Yahin Ho, Yahin Kahin Ho
Majboor Ye Haalaat, Idhar Bhi Hain Udhar Bhi
Tanhai Ke Ye Raat, Idhar Bhi Hai Udhar Bhi
Kehne Ko Bahut Kuchh Hai, Magar Kis Se Kahen Hum
Kab Tak Yoonhi Khaamosh Rahen, Aur Sahen Hum
Dil Kehta Hai Duniya Ki Har Ik Rasm Utha Dein
Deewaar Jo Hum Dono Mein Hai, Aaj Gira Dein
Kyun Dil Mein Sulagte Rahein, Logon Ko Bata Dein
Haan Humko Mohabbat Hai... Mohabbat Hai... Mohabbat Hai...
Ab Dil Mein Yahi Baat, Idhar Bhi Hai, Udhar Bhi "
Coutesy: silsila. lyrics: Gulzar
one of the best romantic verses i've ever heard. couple that with the big B's voice..mindblowing. just simply amazing.
i wish i could have written this...oh how i wish...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

randomly yours

am back again with my 'random ramblings' and this time i seriously have no idea about what to write. there is this loaded up feeling inside me which needs a release. i guess i need to write. but what? how? i dont know. i cant even think straight. my mind is swimming in a murky sea of countless emotions....of missing,love,anger,jealousy,regret,relief.....
i sigh!
what exactly am in missing? my home? my city? my friends? my comfort zones? my life? what is it that i love? me?the experience of being me? am angry.but at what? at the place that i am in now?my inabilty to control my emotions? am jealous. oh yes i am. am jealous.of people around me? i yesterdays? about what i have left behind? and then there is relief..of still finding myself awake each day and dancing to the tune of life?
Questions questions questions....and the answers. where are they?
i guess the most defining emotion that am going through now is anger... anger at people who speak so much about so many things...perhaps not meaning them at all...not knowing their worth. against people who trample so many beautiful moments like a used paper cup. against people who constantly remind me of what i miss and love whole heartedly, but for whom they mean angry that i am angry. am scared that the demon inside me would come out and engulf scared of mouthing feelings which i definitely should keep to myself. am scared of the new place i am in, where everyone is a stranger, where everyone, like me, is treading on thin ice, making rooms for themselves...while i am trying hard to find a niche. am angry that i feel weak. am angry that i cannot breakdown, lest it hurts many a dear one's expectation of angry...yes i am
the sense of relief is has long since succumbed to many a negative feeling. feelings i know that will do me no good,but those which am finding hard to fight.
if i could just cry out loud...loud enough for my voice to crack and loud enough for me to feel better(?) perhaps..but yet not loud enough for anyone to hear...
i sigh again

Friday, August 10, 2007


come haunt me
when am bare and dry
pester me
let me not rest
wrench my heart
strangle me
make me cry
come tease me
when am up and about
tickle me
let my laughter ring
tease me
taunt me
watch me chortle
come with me....
show me what i was
what i am
what i became
leave me not
be mine forever
forget you i may want to
though pray
let me not
leave me not alone
come to me in my solitude
come to me in my loneliness
my mirror
to the days long past
moments long cherished
come to me...
let me not forget