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Friday, February 29, 2008

Sappho Fragments

I did not wish for the
Scents of Arabia, nor
The ethereal diamonds did I desire
But all at once
It did blossom
My tender hopes of desire
And in his gentle love, it took delight

Days I have had, both bitter
And sweet, more there will be of such.
Life! See and know this

When cries were heard
In the moonlight
Calm, when nature voiced
Its voiceless reproach
Walked in the delicate
Virgin Artemis
Of the hunt and the Moon.

p.s these are not entirely my works. as part of my modernist poetry course at college, we were given sappho fragments to complete. this is my attempt at completing them. the words in blue are the fragments and the rest is my creation

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Undefined

There's something I felt,
Silent and warm within.
A feeling so divine, yet undefined.
My simple mind, fathom, it couldn't.
Blowing, ruffling my nerves, it kept.
Scary it was, for what it wasn't.
Beyond the grips, could I know,
Why me, it was?
Chose I, to ask not.
I do not know why.
Skimmed through the unknown,
Undefined realms again.
Futile it was, to know,
Happy and content though.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

May I.....?

Come, may I, to you,
in dreams of yours.
Feel, may I, the whispers,
you breathe soft.
Call, may I, to the
heartbeats tuned up.
Rise, may I, for the
beauty, yours divine.
Live, may I, alone
in your mind.
See, may I, the
wonder what you are.
Love, may I, the
you, I yearn.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I wont let you go

I wont let you go
Not today
When I’ve so much to say
And you, so much to listen to
I haven’t told you
About the flowers that bloom
The winds that blow,
And the birds that flutter
I haven't yet loved you
to my hearts content
I haven’t told you
That I need you to stay

We haven’t seen
The sun, setting low
We haven’t watched the stars,
Lying on our back
We are yet to let the waves
Tickle our toes.
Our lives have just begun
You can’t just go.

I wont let you go
Not tomorrow
I have given you nothing
I haven’t let your skin drape mine
I haven’t let our senses rule
And our bodies speak
I haven’t loved you enough
I wont let you go

I haven’t sung your favourite song
I haven’t kissed you deep enough
I am yet to let you love me proper
We haven’t seen the seasons pass by
Drunk we have not
The wine of togetherness
Our love is soaring
How can I let you go?

I wont let you go
Not today, never tomorrow
I can’t let you go

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

if it could be

if it could be
that i could drink up pain
i'd do so from you
with a thirst never before
to never let you face fall
if it could be
that i could grow wings
i'd fly to you
to kiss your cheek
and bring that dimples to show again
if it could be that
i could be strong
i'd go away from you
to realize that i'd die
away from you
if it could be that
i'd love you more
God will take you away from me
jealous and greedy
for what no one but you would get....