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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Boiling red

I've never been this irritated with everything...everyone...all the time
i don't know whats happening to me..i am and i was the easily irritated kind...but these days i am just irritated and angry all the time..

am irritated about the way she walks...ambling an elephant irritated with his smile..plastered on to his face..the same smile for change in the amount, nor the emotion

am irritated that for him, five minutes is always fifteen and is never on time

i am irritated that i have lots to do...and am not working

am irritated that she is not what i though she was...

am irritated with him when he never lets me bitch in peace, am irritated that he finds reasons to justify all the things that i find wrong

the sound of the a/c irritates me...the food that i get to eat everyday on plates which might well have been licked by dogs, the classes that i sit in, the senseless assignments that i do, the amount or lack of sleep, the bed on which i sleep.....everything.....

i am irritated
am angry..
am angry that am irritated and irritated that am angry...

with everything
with everyone
with life...