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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

random ramblings-contd

1.they say love is the most splendid feeling in the world. i couldnt agree more. its the best state, feeling, everything. but i wonder why many a person whom we considered ideal matches ceased to be so and why many other relations seem to go on and on as if they have not yet done with their honeymoon. i wonderwhy people take love so carelessly sometimes. i mean if you are sure that he/or she is the right person for you, and they are in your life, why do people take it for granted? nothing works that way. true love comes only once. and to a very chosen few. i would cherish it and give it my evrything. coz thats the only way i know to love. and thts the way i'll always be. it saddens me that people give and spend so much less time-quality time with their loved ones. not just lovers, but all those people who care. if you are in love, cherish it. and treasure it. you are one of thsoe very few lucky ones.

2.bored of boredom!! seriously. these days all i get to do is to breathe. a very time consuming activity which takes place 24X7 and takes up all of my time. who am i kidding? guess boredom has reached new heights. and so has my laziness. imagine getting up at 8 am, waiting for my parents to leave for work at 8.30, go back and hit the sack again and get up at 11, oops i do brush my teeth in btw. sit in front of the paper, yawn at the obvious lack of interesting topics to read, think about having a nice hot strong cup of coffee, but skip it coz making it is a bother and ther's always the washing up to do afterwards, sit in front of my system, log in to orkut, see no one online, well people as unempyoled as me are perhaps rare species. sigh, coz no scraps to reply to. go check my cell. no miss calls no messages. sigh again. lie on the bed. think about something, keep thinking about it even after you wake up, coz thinkin alwys puts me to sleep, a minimum of one hour guaranteed. get up again. put on the tv. see the repeats of soem dumb K-serials. look at 'lookable' guys. switch of the tv. go to the kitchen have food. sleep again.....gosh and its only 12 noon. seriously am bored even writing about my industirous hours...and yes lazy too....signing off. ciao


Anonymous said...

if you are in love, cherish it. and treasure it

Yupppy, you said it right!

2. the boredom part, would u believ me if i told u that, come may 28th and i would complete 365 days of doing all those things you just told over there - except mayb the geting up at 8 AM part :D

I know its sickening, but my mom tells me to take it 'positively' who knows thre mite come a time very SOON when I dont have time for anything-not even lazing around :D!

I hope you get over your boredom soooooooooooooonn....tata...takecare...

and Yupppy, Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment!

and I lovedtha mazha post ! it was sooo..... sweeet and wonderful!

vrinda said...

thnk u tryin to take my boredom 'positively' too...lolz...

and u know malayalam...kewl...thts perhaps the only work of mine in malayalam

Rajeev said...

lol @ boredom part!!
U know what, u wrote just wat was on mind. that is just what i am doin from the past one month!!!
i sometimes feel that my poor soul is gonna die of loneliness & boredom!!

peace & love

vrinda said...

@ rajeev
...serioulsy felt so worthless after i wrote about that boredom post of mine.
and now am actually amazed ppl do actually read thru posts like tht...takes away a bit of the uselessness...lolz

Priyanka Sarkar said...

heyy...happened to bump into ur blog....n im so glad i did....
u make even boredom sound interesting....keep writing!!!:)

vrinda said...


now am bowled over...he he

thanks a lot for your comments

confessing7girl said...

hiiiiii thank u for ur visit and comment!!!loved reading ur boredom description...its just a stge of ur life i hope u get over it!! just keep on being useful for urself!! :D

vrinda said...

thank u confessional girl :)

This girl is said...

hey vrindaji....first of all ur posts are cool like the picture at the self confession..'am.." that side

on boredom....same feeling yarr...wrote it interestingly...but i find it really hard to siiting isle as these are my holidays...i even find lazy to watch movies or even to eat...'s this boredom...after sick of getting at 8 am....but what shd i do when i get up....

sleep over fully yaar....cos when u get on something busy...then u may not find time even to brush:-D.
...and talk off fully with ur friends, doin it sometime...not always....if there's a lazy award...then i'll be given the first place!!!

bye and take care....ashh here to say

vrinda said...

he he...i agree miss 'this girl is'...thank u for ur keep visiting

sandeep varma said...

When u get bored blog it, blog the boredom

harish said...

Two very ravishing reads to bask in the boredom:


(Sister of that "IDLE FELLOW.")

and see what the idle fellow and the lazy girl have to say about love in those beauteous books...hehe!

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