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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The past three months

Loooooong chapters
Even loooooonger edits and red track changes

Books and Paints
The former to stock in cockroach ridden shelves
The latter to stink rot and die unused

In sarees old and new blouses new and borrowed
Kohl rimmed eyes and braided long hair

A degree in the making
A generation gap of three years

I confess.... I cannot write

Thus died one who longed to write

Choked by profusion of words

That never made sense



Ammu said...

I am sad to say! Still this one I didn't like...! :-(

asmita said...

All I would say, hang on there. There are many in the same boat. But pity, one has to accept academics kills the inner you...

Sharika said...

kutttttttttty :) happens.. writers block is what makes writing such a joy:)

Hariprasad said...

Start writing, no matter what.The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on. - Louis L'Amour

Anamika said...

@ Ammu

I must say I agree with you heartily :)

@ Asmita, Sharika and Hari Thank you :) :) hope to get over this. three months without writing even a line is shocking :(