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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making the best out of me...

Lets call 'Julie and Julia' an inspiration....

I've been whining to anyone who would listen that I've lost touch with the art world. Neither do I pick up brushes nor I swirl around glue or snip snap paper bits...I've decided to give myself a break. A break from killing what little of artistic/ creative streak that I have in me.  I know its not going to be easy. The moody me will have lots of reasons to not do anything and not stick to my words, hence this public announcement.

"For the next one month, starting tomorrow, 
I am going to do something creatively productive, 
 I could paint, draw, or do little pieces of paper art, or cook, or write. 
Whatever it takes me,
 I will do it.
 *solemn promise to myself.*"

P.s the results of the promise will be posted here everyday. 
p.p.s Whenever I put up pictures, kindly excuse since I'll be relying on my poor little phone camera lens.
p.p.p.s Wish me luck :)


prabha said...

Looking forward to the fulfilled solemn promises. Never mind the camera lens. It does not matter at all :)

Shweta said...

Go girl! :)

Will check this page every evening. All the best, love. :)

asmita said...

Looking forward!!

Anamika said...

@ Prabha, Shweta and Asmita Thanks :) :)