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Friday, December 31, 2010

As we flip the calendar

Oh wait! Am I making new year resolutions? Again? Already?

I don't know if it's the same with everyone of you, but 2010 for me has flown by faster than any other previous years. From January to December, to the 1st to the 31st, 2010 has been good to me, and I turn to a new calendar with no regrets...

I thank you my Laptop, for not giving up on me, and for being the medium of this post

I thank you flowers in my garden, you are an inspiration for a green thumb like me

I thank you Nokia, and Airtel and BSNL distances truly aren't so much a problem now

I thank you mother billy, for dying (hear me out). I have a son now he's 11/2 months old, his name is Meow. And surprise surprise, he can mouth his name

I thank you sun god, for never failing to rise on happy days, and never refusing to set on the not so happy days

I thank you facebook for letting me know the limits of my self will

I thank you Bru coffee, for not being hard on me, and helping me refrain from you (Success for the past 2 months)

I thank you bits and pieces of paper, for making me fold you into shapes and sizes that now look pretty on my table

I thank you hope, happiness, luck, perseverance, love, laughter and tears for being an integral part of my 2010

I thank you time (or the lack of it) that made me do so many things at once (this has been a year of self pat)

I thank you Muthassa, for making me remember you a lot more this time around. I'll never stop missing you

I thank you paints, for making me want to put you to brushes again

I thank you Blogger for unleashing on me hoards of creative people (thanks to you all, I am taking up my paints and scissors again)

I thank you people in my life (every single one of you) for completing a jigsaw of the previous (already?) year in vibrant colours

I thank you me for being me (self pat again)

I thank you moments that made me so depressed, that I throughly enjoyed being happy again

I thank you 2011, for knocking :)

Adieu 2010, I wont miss you, however great you were.....


Anonymous said...

Some optimism!! Can I borrow some?

Happy New Year Anamika. We hope to read more of you in 2011

Kurinji said...

Happy New Year 2011 !!!

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Anonymous said...


Materialmom said...

a great way to look at life! It is 4a.m. now, a nice time to be infected by the positive spirit of this prayer:)