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Thursday, March 29, 2007

mujhko bhi to lift karade!!!

nice song by adnan sami...but thats not what am planning to write on. what exactly are lifts for? to lift you up right? well it also aids in locking you up

lifts are some of the best places in the world. all you need to do is to punch in the floor u want to alight, and just wait for it to take you there. and if you are alone well you get a lot of uninterrupted time in front of the mirror. some luxury which i cant afford at home as there are a lot of people vying for their 30 mins(at least) of beautification and self appreciation( depreciation).

it was not different yesterday. i got in the lift, punched the number 6 with some difficulty, and the doors closed and we lurched forward. glad that i was alone, i turned my whole attention to the 8 feet X 3 feet big mirror, and set about setting right (or attempting to set right) my wind blown mess of a hair.

suddenly i found myself in pitch darkness.and the lift screeched to a stop. god!! a power failure. now how do i set my hair right? no seriously how do i get out? how long will i have to stay? will anyone know am stuck up here?

and then this thought came to mind, or rather the song...
nahi nahi
abhi nahi
thoda karo intezaar...

ideal/typical song situation if by any chance i was stuck up in the lift with that special person.

aw come on. who am i kidding. wat am i doing here wasting my time fantasizing when i should be thinking of what to do to get me out.

i tried prising the doors of the lift open. though the inner shutters opened i couldn for the life of me prise open the outer grill. worse i dint know which floor i was in. nor did i know (tho i guessed i was not) if the lift had come to stop at a floor.

brainwave!! what are mobile phones for? there was one obvious number i would punch. but it wouldn serve the purpose not now, other than perhaps just send that person in jitters too. so i kept my head on...(oh yes!! i do have one) and dialed up sir at the institute who i was pretty sure would be there.

thankfully sir and my batch mate could open the doors and out i jumped... glad i could finally get out. disappointed my hair was still a mess

1 comment:

harish said...

i heard some1 invented a mobile phone with an air cooler...wud have come in handy for sure...hehe :)