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Saturday, March 17, 2007


i stand with my palette
the canvas bare
the brushes dry

what do i make?
a painting?
a slice of life?
life itself?

red oozes out of the tube
the brushes drip with it
the colour of birth
is splashed on to the canvas

a heart beats
for someone else
fills up with love
love is painted

somewhere a heart breaks
tears run down
for a heart so broken
tears which pain
tears which smell
of the red warm blood

someone flips a calender
searching for red
in the multitude of of black
a smile forms
a finger stops on a holiday
a red number

i pick up my brush again
and paint a life
emotions dripped in colour
a red sun rises
a new day begins

1 comment:

harish said...

and red they say is the colour for these much (danger, excitement, fire, passion, blood, fight or flight, some sexual connotation) things...

a copy that i wrote for a ladies fashion store(wonder what they are selling there :D)crossed my mind...

The revealing red
It fuels the fire in u....
It fans the passion in u..
It sets u alight...
Ready up for red...

and ravishingly written btw :)