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Friday, August 10, 2007


come haunt me
when am bare and dry
pester me
let me not rest
wrench my heart
strangle me
make me cry
come tease me
when am up and about
tickle me
let my laughter ring
tease me
taunt me
watch me chortle
come with me....
show me what i was
what i am
what i became
leave me not
be mine forever
forget you i may want to
though pray
let me not
leave me not alone
come to me in my solitude
come to me in my loneliness
my mirror
to the days long past
moments long cherished
come to me...
let me not forget


harish said...

may you never have to mourn your memories...may it ever reside beside you...:-)

vrinda said...

thank u harishetta...:)