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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


i am no story teller. i do not tell stories. nor do i have any stories to tell. and yet i write. i pour out myself into words, often failing miserably at the attempt. but do i stop? no i write and keep on writing. about what? and why? do i write for me? do i write for you?

am am not me. i was not born me. i was made. by me? but then who is this me? could i ahve been made in any other way than this? would i have been better if i had not been me?or perhaps worse?did you make me?

its cold in here. the climate and the world. for warmth i wear my jacket of love. do i wear it for me? is it someone's jacket that i wear? or do i wear it inside out for others?

is it me or you?


suji said...

d jacket is gud, in whichever way u wanna wear it, as long as it gives u some relief frm cold..
take care of ur jacket..its urs..its u, finally.

Vinitha said...

itz really great to c u back..not all red anymore..sorts u knw:) i may not hve any answers to ya questions. The answers alwyz liez within us doesn't it...hmmm..anywyz..hope it getz answered soon..:-)

Matangi Mawley said...

hmm.. typical state of " i ve thought too much".. i ve been this state for.. i dont know.. may be the same no. of times as the no. of water drops frm a rain!
good post.. :) no one cud enjoy it better thn i..

vrinda said...

@ suji

the jacket is mine...certainly...but my Q still remains..for me or for u?? :)

grt to c ur comment too :)

yes 'the-i-thought-too-much' syndrome...hee hee

Abhinav Viswambharan said...

am i writing my comment or are you reading my comment? :P