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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

narratives of daily life

loud voices outside the door. intelligible language.unintelligible meaning.telgu.angry protests from my room mate. i snuggle deeper into my blanket.the unmistakable vibration of my cell.a message from him. a reminder of the night. sleep beckons.10 am is still early morning.a string of blue beads. a swift good bye from my rom mate. reminders to drink milk. sleep refuses to leave my eyes.

a filled any alarm clock. tooth paste,brush and the tiny wash basin. the faulty flush in the loo. back in room. drinking chocolate,milk and spoon.the battle begins. it ends up in a starving stomach. a tiger buiscuit. all that is left. an unread paper. read though seemingly unread.

the flicker ofthe system. articles to edit.messages pending. nonchalance. a super slow network.waning patience. a chance for the paper again.attempt at a song. forgotten lyrics. editing again. a glance at the clock. one hour gone. rest of the day looms. readings stare point blank. a missing drive. the stapled readings lie.untouched.

a smile. thoughts of the night again. a widening smile. half an hour for lunch. a lost appetite.

coffee machine. another of those puffy samosas. hot sun. fluttering curtains. thoughts of a bath. pink bucket and an ash mug. long nails. cracked heels. lots of moisturiser. kajal.

room again. whining of dogs. misplaced anger. pending work. a miss call. hint of a smile.

dinner. an empty full stomach.



Swathi said...

such a cool life, ours! :P


vrinda said...

@ swathi

i agree :( :(

Anonymous said...

utter trash.wats this about???

vrinda said...

@ anon

thank you so much for your lovely words...
u seem to have no name...and no brains as well.."narratives of daily life" does it require more explanations?

Anonymous said...

were you attempting any kind of style? or trying to ape someone? it has not payed off. be original. and i read your stories too. they are all the same. cliched mushy ones. come up with something original and readable and then expect people to read and like them.

and i have my brains well in place. if you had any, you wouldnt write.

crumbs said...

very contextual, but I can so relate to it.
such is what remains of our lives =/
but then, there are always the holidays

@ annon

let's see, what are the normal symptoms of an average blogger with brains in place?

a. a logical stream of thought, and ability to derive meaning from coherent words.
"utter trash.wats this about???"
yes, very logical

b. respect for another person's space
"come up with something original and readable and then expect people to read and like them."
yes, yes

c. understanding that a blog is a space for expression of what the blog owner, and NOT random nameless , not to mention gutless, anonymous commentators
"if you had any, you wouldnt write."

yes, now I do see the undeniable strength of your agreement.
sigh! How bland would life be without the likes of you?

vrinda said...

@ crumbs

;) :D yes there are the holidays...

and hee hee...nice wordplay there :D

vrinda said...

@ anon

gee i agree with would have been so borin without entertaining ppl like you :D

Swathi said...

ushooo. all personal attacks and all..

decent way to dole criticism and then the handling of it. Joy!


manu said...

am loving this public spat..! Mr anonymous, thanks for the entertainment.

blogs are personal spaces, and if u dont find anything amusing here mr anonymous, u can very well quit reading and go about doing.. er..., whatever u were doing.
and stop commenting anonymous, human race hasn't yet evolved into spineless squishy wimps, thankfully it wouldnt, let natural selection take care of ones like you.

Abhinav Viswambharan said...

A pleasantly different way of narration. :)

Life indeed can be quite boring at times... :(

PS:Don't bother too much about people who don't have an identity of their own.

vrinda said...


boring is just not the word.sigh! but its looking back on these simple boring days tht u often think tht 'life was so much easier'. and mr anon whoever he/she is/was provided some was a change :D

Anonymous said...

:) nice way of defining your day!

vrinda said...

@ shammu

thank you :)

shafeeq sha said...

It may be a beauty when u write this....others can understand what u write...but never give frequent full stops in ur life.....let it move freely and allow it to stop as it wish...why should we interrupt the flow of our life....anyway....write more......

suji said...

read.indescribable delight.happiness. deja vu.thanks.


vrinda said...

@ shafeeq...

i enjoy my the hilt..its mundanity,its excitement, the sadness...evrything..and i let life n time take its course...always...all my days are not like this...this is one day which i may not recollect at all some years down the line..and then i'd love to read what i've written n reminicise about it...

thank u for readin thru :)

vrinda said...

@ suji

welcome :)

Coconut Chutney said...

lol, i like the bladder bit. As gross as it is, its 100% true ;)

vrinda said...


hee hee yes it is..and i SHOULD know tht...given tht i sleep thru 5 alarms and wake only wen my bladder starts protesting :D

thank u for dropping in :)

Ammu said...

Deja vu!:D

thanks for assuring me that im not a single person in this world to feel all these craps...;)

Ammu said...

Vrindaa...i thought i'll read u more...but to be afraid of it....ur words started to influence me.....which i dont want to....:)

i think this is the best comment from me...:)


vrinda said...

@ ammu/akhila

Hee hee..yup u'd do betetr not to be influenced by me and my crap :D

thank u for readin

manorath said...

hey this post was like someone narrating in the background the scene before my eyes.. omg.. this had such an effect.. sorry to land late here.. was hibernating for a while..

Shweta said...

i am waiting for your next post. eagerly. desperately.

sigh. :(

vrinda said...

@ manorath

better late than never :D

vrinda said...


in the making sweetie:) will be up sooon

Matangi Mawley said...

awesome style of narration.. loved it!

vrinda said...


thank you :)


Writing is always about these basics.
I like those daily images.
But dont stop there.Connect them.Then the magic comes.There is great fun in doing so....
Best wishes.
Thanx for visiting.
Me have a new post.
Waiting for comments...

vrinda said...

@man in paintng

will visit :)