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Sunday, April 13, 2008

stolen moments

“You like teasing me don’t you?” He muttered sleepily.
“Huh? What did I do now?” she chuckled wickedly.
“Nothing. Forget it. Am going to sleep. You coming back in or not?” he asked lifting the blanket to allow her to slide in.
“Nah. Am not sleepy anymore. I am going for a walk”
“mmmph nnng” came a muffled grunt from somewhere under the sheets.

Swish swash. The blanket went for a toss.

“You can’t sleep when am up and awake. Come on...up you get….” She started prodding the side of his tummy with her cold toes.


“You bitch! Wait till I get you”

He leapt out of the bed in mock anger and leapt at her. With an almighty squeal, she caught hold of the 1st thing that came into her hands—a big fat Harrison and threw it straight at him.
He dodged and threw a pillow at her. She caught it precariously and almost lost her balance trying to hold on to it.


Too late. She hadn’t seen him come behind her. She was too busy laughing that silently uproarious laugher of hers.


“Now how did that feel?” he asked her grinning.
She tried hard to feign anger and gingerly checked her lips.
“It hurts” she whined
“Am sure it does” he laughed, and leaned over and kissed her again. Tenderly this time.

“Not so fast” she said giggling.

It was his turn now to rub his lip. She had bit him.

He pulled her closer to him and wrapped his arms around her. He felt her body fit into his, felt her fingers on his chest, felt her damp lips press onto his neck. She sighed.

“When’s the train?” she asked, carefully avoiding his eyes.
He stroked her hair gently. “ In exactly 3 hours my love.”
“Do I have to go? Can’t I stay? Just one more day?”
“You know you cant dear. Nor can I. We need to go back.”

She hugged him closer still. “ I don’t want to go.”
“ Nor do I love. It’s been a wonderful weekend. But you know we can’t afford to stay longer. You have to attend classes. And I need to work overtime to make up for this leave.”

He kissed her head, the part that was visible under his arms. She had snuggled in so much that he could only feel her, and not see.

“I’d better get ready then. The station is quite far away….”

He watched her as she lifted herself from the bed and went into the bathroom. He leaned over to smell that side of the bed that she had slept in. It still smelt of her perfume. The one she wore whenever they met.

She turned on the shower.

He sighed. He knew she was crying now.

“Can I come in” he knocked on the bathroom door.
“ No. Am almost done. Am coming out.”


She was wearing the sari that he had gotten her from his first salary. He held her hand till the distant chugging of the train could be heard.

The train slid slowly out of the station. And he walked back to the auto that awaited him.


Swathi said...

louwe and all. varynice. :)

vrinda said...

@ swathi

yup Louwe n all :P

manorath said...

hmm.. i could empathize here.. the quality of ur style needs loads of appreciation.. this could make a perfect short film..

and on my depreciating quality.. well.. i found my exams influencing me and also i had two things in my mind and found it hard to concentrate

vrinda said...

@ manorath

i never commented tht ur style was depreciatitng..i like ur poems, jst tht i found polka dotted dreams slightly bettr....

all the best for ur exams :)

manu said...

hmmmm nice...
sounds very personal...but makes a very intersetin read nevrethless..

vrinda said...

@ manu
let me confess that was (to be) based on personal moments. i imagined things taking place as narrated, sense of deja vu, just that its anterograde. how else could u define something(dream state) that was to take place, and long for it, in ways of reminiscences.

guess we have something common there. or not.?

elango said...

Hey Vrinda,
Your writing is awesome! Have quite a bit to say about it, will do it soon though. But now i got to know where the coffee goes and what it translates into!:-) Hope you enjoyed the show yesterday!


vrinda said...

@ elango

thanks a lot :)
and yes i guess the coffees do the trick :D

the show was simply awesome.enjoyed to the hilt :)

shams said...

a sweet story!!! i love your writing style!

vrinda said...

@ shammu

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaah ! .. Sweet ! A little bitter too .Sweet because I just love the way you explain mental states and bitter because thats what the article made me feel . You have a good ability in portraying emotions that you would not even have experienced in real life (Well i really am not sure with that part , but still ;)).. In contrast to the older post i find this as largely an original creation , havent read anything like this anywhere before .. Bravo !!

:) Keeeeeeep it coming ! ..

vrinda said...

@ anon

thank u :)
bitter-sweet..well isn tht wat life is all about??

crumbs said...


vrinda said...

@ crumbs

Abhinav Viswambharan said...

You indeed have your own style of narrating things in a gripping way.

As Manorath said, this could make a very good short-film, or else a touchy few scenes in a Bollywood blockbuster.

vrinda said...

@ abhinav

well!! am all for a short film as long as karan johar or ekta kapoor don hav any part to play in it :D

thanks for liking it :)

Matangi Mawley said...

i ve no words..
gr8 style of writing..
u'r blog looks beautiful!

vrinda said...

@ matangi

thank u :)

Ammu said...

Hey Vrinda...!

It gives a real deja vu!more than a greatness i felt sm kinda simplicity for ur narration !smthing which very personal!

I felt its not as a million dollar creation but for sure its worth a nice smile!

vrinda said...

@ ammu

glad to got a 'personal' feel...nothing matters more to me, thn when ppl relae to it. thnk u :)