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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brave attempts

The mind wandered
all but alone
searching, it found not,
love but love
I asked, whose but mine,
Not lonely, but rejoiced plainly,
In love not lost, neither found,
But i traveled all along


All the time you need
is all but more
I'll wait for you
to be with you
to love with you
held we are
bound by sweat and love
for the night
through the night
and forever time and again
It will last 
The breath will hold and forever it will last
not love, but life


To be loved, 
Would be loved
all things right, left alone
mused on the wall a dream,
To care for. to die for
Left alone, to be hardened,
the sky told to forget,
the water to forgive
pray, the earth told
asked the soul
to be loved would be loved
did death do us part?
did  love lend us the reason?
life made a stop, but did love?


Anonymous said...

poetry is not your cup of tea.

Anamika said...

@ anon

Doesn't stop me from braving it :P

but yes, i agree :)

ദാസന്‍ കൂഴക്കോട് said...

so changing from prose to poem!!.. good luck

Hariprasad said...

Good attempt!

Write more. :)

Anamika said...

@ dasan

thank you :)

Anamika said...


Thank you :) will try :)