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Sunday, February 4, 2007

To my bestest friend

In friendship, few things matter the most, like faith, generosity and love. For faith strengthens the bond, generosity makes it precious and love makes it last 4ever. And our friendship is just the same, just as wonderful.

I never thought that one day you would be my friends, never dreamt that you would be such an inseparable part of me ,I never realized that time would refuse to tick for me if it wasn’t for you. But you have. You are my soul now. I am you and you are me. How did this happen? How could just two years with you give me that feeling of contentment when I am with you? You have touched my heart in more ways than one; you have become my everything, the essence of my life.

Your words speak my mind, your actions show my words, your accomplishments speak for my actions. I turn to you now always, for comfort and advice. I fondly call you my advisor and lovingly call you my dream. . I have many friends, some the hi-bye friends and some loyal ones too, but…You are the friend for whom I had searched throughout my life, and you will always remain my special friend.

I always want you to stick by me as I always will. Times will pass my friend, but our friendship will never fade…I’ll be on your side, today and always. Our school life has ended but the bonds that bind us together will never break. It cannot. Let us promise to care for each other, let us promise to find time for each other, let’s commit ourselves to this ever widening circle of companionship throughout the journey of life…

Let’s be like this for ever…lets always remain THE BESTEST OF FRIENDS


murari said...

i hav no right to say tht wat u hav written is a philosophy..
i hav no right to say tht it is the best because i hardly read such thngs..
but one thing i can definitely say tht u r genuine and u pen down ur heart...

harish said...

just a Henry David Thoreau quote "“The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.”

beautifully written btw :)