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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Headlines today???

Aishwarya Rai to put mehendi on her left hand at sharp 8.30 pm tonight. Abhishek Bacchan confused about which sherwani to wear for sangeet…

No am not a reporter for any news channel. Though I could make it, if were to give these kind of above mentioned statements as “flash news” and “breaking news”. Seriously, who is interested in what color underwear Abhishek is wearing for his wedding or what brand of hair pin Aishwarya is going to wear? Not me. They can very well get married, oh yes. They can. But why should the whole country (that’s what it is being made to look like anyway) be sitting on pins and needles as if watching a super exciting climax scene in a James Bond movie to watch a wedding (!) of all the things. For all we know these people could very well divorce each other in days. Though am not wishing for that. God bless them and may they have a fulfilling life together. But heavens, don’t we have any thing else to see on TV?

A few weeks ago it was Arun Nayar and Liz Hurley wedding making ripples (!) along the world. It was the only “breaking news” many a news channel could report. Shocking! Ridiculous to the point of being ridiculously ridiculous.

I mean I would find it meaningful if they showcased this kind of news in their entertainment section or something of that sort. But breaking news?? Give me a break!!

Has media to stoop this low? Isn’t there anything called plain old traditional journalism? I would rather enjoy (!) a story about the Virginia tech shoot out or Rahul Gandhi’s election campaign than a half an hour video coverage of Richard Gere kissing Shilpa Shetty. And by the way I still can’t understand why the raucous was created on the kissing. If you can watch with lolling tongues Mallika Sherawat running around in bikini straps exposing not just a fair bit of her “plus points” why (the hell) should anyone oppose the kissing? Hypocrisy taking newer levels per day.

Sad state of affairs. I think I should restrict my TV watching to (ugh!!) K-serials. At least they are guaranteed to be ridiculous with all the saas-bahu and 5 generation long ‘stories’ at least you are not expected to take it seriously.


Sruthi said...


harish said...

sex sells...spice sells...sanity won't sell...simple...

journalism too has it's USP (Unique Selling Proposition and not Unique Social Perspective!)

sandeep varma said...

Nowadays N-Channels create not report news.