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Saturday, April 28, 2007

i was here all along!!!

Looks like I have ended up

Where I began, again!

Though am not too sure

Where exactly I began

And began what exactly.

And yet am sure

I’ve been here before

The smells, the sounds,

The faces…

Is this the place I wanted to be?

The place that is to be my destiny?

Do I escape?

Do I turn around?

And run

But a coward I am not

Turn back I will not.

Is this where I wanted to be?

I guess so.

I didn’t turn back.

Forward did I go

And ended up


Found myself

In a place I was searching for

Not knowing

I was there all along.


harish said...

maybe it was u'r alter ego accompanying.... :-)

Gokul said...

'tho' R Exceptional i think ..|forgives if wrong| bcoz i dont ever read any others blog but me the grt think dis is too good for anything it sees..Beware to be aware that dis person is real

vrinda said...

@ harishettan
perhaps a forged alter ego:)

@ gokul
thnks for brandin me 'real' best compliment

harish said...

ee gokul entha paranjathu?...enikku onnum twinkle cheythilla!