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Sunday, June 3, 2007


Eye Color: Black.
Hair Color: Dark brown/Black.
Rightly or Lefty: Rightly!
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Shoe Size: 9(ya big foot i know!!)
Drink: Pepsi, Coca-Cola,buttermil(yummy)frappe(double yummy)
Holiday: is any day
Number: 6

Ice Cream Flavor: any will do.... loved black current...having doubts ever sinc ppl started reamrkin it tastes like cough syrup
Amusement Park Ride: tora tora.
Season: summer! winter!spring! rainy is the best

Which one:???????

Hip hop or pop: melodies

Rap or Rock: naaaaa
Movies or plays : movies any day
Silver or Gold: Silver!
Hot or Cold: Both
Winter or Summer: winter
Spring or Summer: spring

Operas or Plays: plays...what r operas by the way
Music Old or New: old

Colored or Black and White: both.
Dogs or Cats: Dogs
Black or White: black

Ribbons or Bows: neither
Cars or Trucks: trains

Have You Ever:
Told a Secret: Yes.
Broken a Bone: yes.
Got into a Fight: Yes...verbal and physical. physical biff bang thud with my sister. verbal with anyone who knows to talk
Plotted Against Someone: i guess :D
Been on TV: yup
Been on the Radio: Nope.
Been to a Concert:Yes
Drank Alcohol: nops

Broken the Law: rules yes....just started guess this will need updatin LOL
Been on an Airplane:yes
Came Close to Dying: na

Won a Trophy or Medal: yuppies
Believe In Miracles: Yea.
Like The Taste Of Alcohol: dunno haven tasted

Believe In Magic: the kind in harry potter? yes!!yes!!yes!!
Have Any Pets: nopes

Plan To Go To College: been there doen that
Wear Hats: nopes

Hate Yourself: No in love with myself
Wish On Stars: when I was younger LOL.
Like Your Handwriting:well its not bad(p.s am being very very modest)
Believe In Ghosts: Ya.
Have A Weakness: fact make it 'many weaknesses'

1. The last person I kissed was: No comment.
2. Never in my life have I: been shot at...thinkin of joining the army

3. The one person who can drive me nuts:anyone anyday...its not too hard
4. When I'm nervous: I bite my nails
5. The last time I cried was:

6. If I were to get married right now :i would change from Miss vrinda to a Mrs
7. My hair: I love my hair....wish it were curly tho
8. Last Christmas: was a regular day.
9. I should be: crazy writing this

10. When I look in the mirror I see: Me... stupid question
11. If I were a comic character I'd be :CAPTAIN HADDOCK
12. By this time next year: I'd be one year,6 months and 2 days older
13. Current status: taken!
14. I have a hard time understanding: why donald duck refuses to wear pants
15. One time at a family gathering: i had to sing coz ppl were refusing to leave
16. You know I like you if: u like me and stop asking too many questions
17. If I won an award, the first person (people) I would thank would be: ma family
18. Take my advice: i have no use for it anyways

19. My ideal breakfast is: no breakfast
20.Given a wish:i would fast forward 5 years
21. Where do i plan to visit anytime soon: HELL N HEAVEN wanna knw hw it luks
22. If you spend the night at my house: You would probably have to sleep on the floor. i dont share my room

23. The world could do without: an exception
24. if i saw god :i'll ask him wat does he mean my makin me wait
25. Most recent thing someone else bought for survial kit
26. A better name for me would be:anamika
27. I really want to learn: to fly a plane
28. The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are: another human being...nothing cud be weirder
29. I shouldn't have: everything!! he he....

30. Once, at a movie:i cried because i could ahve bought myself a big chocolate with the money i spent on the 'movie'


harish said...

boy!!!!....that's what a bundle of curious and conflicting contradictions is all about :D

and the maker would have been really engaged in manufacturing the would have been 24X7 work for him/her!!!!...and i wonder whom got made next :O

hehe :-)

vrinda said...

been thinkin abt it for a long time....brought it out now...


Vinitha said...

Hi Vrinda,

I enjoyed getting to know U...hmm do i hve your kind permission to copy the questions that i can have my very own 'me!me!me!'? kinda fun to do esp when u r so bored:>

Thank You in advance:P (now u can't say a no cld U:D)

Oh btw, thanx to Harish i goto c ur blog. U make a great writer he said, and me agrees. Keep writing

AnilNair said...

12. By this time next year: I'd be one year,6 months and 2 days older
May I know how?

COOL writing.