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Thursday, June 14, 2007


this is killing me the long can one lie down listening to the rain drops? the wind? the birds twittering? forever would have been my answer sometime earlier.not anymore. its maddening. i roam about my home aimlessly my feverish head telling me i need to lie down but somehow am fed of lying down. just lying down with nothing to do or lets say not having enough in you to do anything, when all you have to look forward to are the timings of your medicines and the chiming of the wonder i still feel ill having completely recovered.

its at these times that perhaps hearing a voice means so much. when just a simple 'hello' through the phone across miles speaks more than a million words. its when you actually feel better.

i could not but help think about them then, those who have not been as lucky as us..those who have not been blessed with the gift of speech, and hearing. and perhaps all those who have so much challenges before them. i can always call up the person i want to talk to, just to hear his voice, just to convince myself he is there. i can always put on a music to suit my moods. i can sing when i want to. i can call out to people. i can walk. i can run. i can sit. i can stand. but around us arent there many among us who have been denied these privileges?

as someone once told me...arent we lucky to have eyes that see ears that hear and legs that walk? yes arent we? and yet we forget so much. in the race for finding 'bigger' joys we lose out on these little things which in actuality means so much. can any of us think of a day without having the ability to see? to hear? if when we can't why don't we try to make the most out of our lives? as helen keller said-see as u mite be blind tomorrow, hear-as u might be deaf tomorrow, live-as if u might die tomorrow....


Matangi Mawley said...

tht was a beautiful post...!
cheers.. n keep writing..

vrinda said...

thank u matangi