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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Undefined

There's something I felt,
Silent and warm within.
A feeling so divine, yet undefined.
My simple mind, fathom, it couldn't.
Blowing, ruffling my nerves, it kept.
Scary it was, for what it wasn't.
Beyond the grips, could I know,
Why me, it was?
Chose I, to ask not.
I do not know why.
Skimmed through the unknown,
Undefined realms again.
Futile it was, to know,
Happy and content though.


suji said...

what if u cant call it by a name....
so nice to see u back..:-)

ARUN said...

happy and content in not asking what the undefinite divinity was? there are so many poles in the poem potentially clashing with each other: silence/ruffle; divine/scary; beyond grip/skim; why/chose not to; skim/unknown; futile/content. it is a tough task to balance the weights on each sides so as not to slip away. the poem in its unassuming innocence accomplishes it quite easily. kudos :)

vrinda said...

@ suji

it feels grt to be back sujichetta..after days which seemed like centuries of not writing or not being able to write anything, this is a very plesant break...

vrinda said...

@ arun chettan
it really is amazing tht u can draw you responses like now asking myself tht did i write the poem keepin allt hsi in mind??seriouslyam still thinkin..:)

ARUN said...

dont think.
write another.

hari(sh) said...

ayyo philosophical aayo!!!!! :O ....venda,venda onnum pidi kittilla!!!...pakshe ezhuthiya aalkkum kaaryamaayittonnum manasilaayillello...aashwaasam :P

let me call it a poetic parade of philosophic posers...and if it's the abounding expression of an actual experience i will call u lucky :-)

vrinda said...

@ arunchettan

hee hee...aye aye captain :D

vrinda said...


i cannot write but abt experiences :)

crumbs said...

in the end, I suppose only the last line matters :)
Love this one

vrinda said...


yup i gues thts all tht ultimately matters :)

Matangi Mawley said...


vrinda said...


long time i've seen u here...welcome back :)
and thanks a lot for your comment

Scribbler said...

Bravo. Well crafted.

keep it rollin;)

manu said...

no comments. what do you think about the poem.?

vrinda said...


thank u :)

vrinda said...

wat kind of a question is thta?
i love evry thing i write...coz its a part of me...n this is no diff..its a diff matter if ppl like it or not